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Scottsdale Homes For Sale

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Scottsdale Arizona houses

Top Priced Scottsdale AZ Homes For Sale @ 15 Million

When it comes to Scottsdale AZ homes for sale, there is never a shortage of luxury homes, in the range of 1 million plus. Currently in the Scottsdale mls, there are 2,940, Scottsdale homes for sale. These homes are all single family homes, that are currently being offered for sale. When we look at the number of luxury homes that are in the total number of Scottsdale homes for sale, we find there are 982 homes, or 33.4%. The luxury home market in Scottsdale, is almost always about 33% of the Scottsdale homes for sale. The home pictured above is the top priced listing in Scottsdale, at the present time, at 15 Million. This property features 3 of the best lots in the community of Estancia. The property includes 14,320 sq-ft of luxury living in the main home, 2,000 sq-ft of luxury living in the guest house, heated pool and spa, 8 bedrooms, 11 baths, and of course, all the features one would expect in a property of this nature.

When we look at where the rest of the Scottsdale homes for sale rank, as far as price, we find that there are 994 Scottsdale homes for sale between the price of 500K to 1 Million, or 33.8%. I am sure that you would like to see what 500K buys you in a Scottsdale AZ home for sale, and the picture below, is of a Scottsdale home for sale at 500K. This home features 2,285 sq-ft of living space, and is located in McDowell Mountain Ranch. The home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage, pool, and sits on a 7,835 sq-ft lot.

Scottsdale homes for sale

Scottsdale Home For Sale @ 500K

When it comes to homes at the 1 million dollar make in Scottsdale, here is a great example of what you can get. This home is 3,940 sq-ft, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 3 car garage, heated pool, and on almost an acre of land. One of the bedrooms is located in the detached casita. This home has been on the market for 607 days, and started at a listing price of 1.495 million, and is now at 1 million, for the sales price.

Scottsdale homes for sale

Scottsdale Home For Sale @ 1 Million

When you look at the Scottsdale real estate market, and the Scottsdale homes for sale, we see that the market is always active. If you consider all the single family homes that sold in Scottsdale, in the past year, there were 3,873 Scottsdale homes sold. That is an average of 10.6 homes sold everyday, just in the city of Scottsdale, which has a population of 244,250,( according to Wikipedia for 2009). When you look at the numbers of the homes sold a little closer, we see that there were, 454 of those Scottsdale homes, that sold for more than 1 million dollars, or 1.2 homes per day. When you consider the market conditions around the United Stated for the past couple of years, you can see that Scottsdale Homes are still being sold on a regular basis.


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